This election year has certainly been one of the most divisive since the mid-19th century. (Lincoln, anyone?) And the results continues to divide, rather than unite, this country. Many have expressed their grief online, while thousands across the nation have protested on the streets of many cities. Meanwhile, others have been encouraged - emboldened - to take the victory as a sign of a new society. A Republic for which the rights of 'Others' are being threatened. Pride flag burnings; swastikas strewn on walls; and the most horrific and derogatory words thrown at those who may not represent the America of days past. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words certainly hurt us. 

We should not see the actions of the few represent the 'silent majority'. We should not believe Trump's supporters are 'deplorables'. We must not uphold the notion that making America Great Again means breaking down the civil and social justice systems that so many have fought hard for. A Trump victory is not a triumph of the alt-right or the establishment of a fascist regime. We have guardians in both parties who will be damn sure to protect our experiment with democracy. All I can say is to have strength, wisdom, and courage for our loved ones. And to have pity. Pity on those who will never celebrate the victories of the minorities. Pity on those who will never cheer on the accomplishments of those on the periphery. Pity on those who will never understand your pains, sufferings, and your overcoming the obstacles laid before you. 

  The Trump Presidency and the Republican Congress are at a pivotal moment in American history. A time to either bring the country together under the auspices of the Grand Old Party, or to create a new ideology. To change the politicking of Washington, or to stick with its traditions. To lead Americans of different colors, cultures and creeds into the 21st century, or to recede it back into the 19th. The decisions may be his, but the choice - in four years - is yours.

You decide. 


 - Lady O