Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Been a bit busy with work, school and…okay, I have spent countless hours watching movies! With my Amazon Prime membership, I discovered options to purchase premium channels for a monthly fee. (The following is NOT paid advertisement.) With Starz, I have access to hundreds of movies from a variety of genres - including original series like Outlander and Da Vinci's Demons! I love my period pieces. One movie I never watched before is 2015's live-action Cinderella. It is a stunning film. The plot is, quite honestly, no different from Disney's original animated film. But who cares? I wanted to watch it for the damn costumes! I mean, how can you hate the wicked stepmother when dressed for fierce? #vintagedior. And Cinderella's ball gown! THE BALL GOWN! What young girl, boy, or ladyboy never dreamed of going to a ball in such a gown.With its nipped waist and voluminous fabric, the film was simply a dazzling affair. 

Disney Princesses, by my definition, are heroines with grace, wit, and a sidekick of some fantastical affair. Whether a fairy godmother, a prince-cum-toad-cum-prince, or a sassy dragon, they have someone who protects or cheers them on as the princess dreams big and takes hold of her destiny destiny. (With the exception of Princess Jasmine - she was already a bad-ass bisch with a tiger sidekick!) A staple of popular culture, their images have inspired everything from costumes and dolls, live-action films and cameos, to academic discussions on their influence on gender and sexual identities.

In its own right, drag has created, adapted, and influenced mainstream culture. Instagram has allowed a plethora of new and veteran drag queens to show their talent to the world. Facebook allows us to keep up-to-date with what she is doing - even watch them live! Not to mention the HUNDREDS of drag queens showing their contoured, highlighted looks and tips via YouTube, drag queens have been named one of the influencers of the multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry. Add such personalities to their hold on the fashion, film & television industries, it is no surprise queens our subjects in the world of art and subjects of discourse..

I would argue that drag queens have much in common with their Disney counterparts. (To be fair, those Disney girls are mere princesses. Just saying….) Wardrobes are pieces rarely made for the workplace. Transformation from femme boy to supreme goddess is quite magical - even without the glitter of a godmother. There are moments of greatness and one of upheavals. WE ENJOY BREAKING OUT INTO SONG AND DANCE! And while we smooth and shape the body to please the eye – a subject that is sometimes derided in few circles – drag queens nevertheless present themselves as strong, wise, and courageous.

Tales from the Wonderful World of Disney end with the heroine marrying her prince and living in a fabulous castle. The Wonderful World of Drag is not so forthright. It takes work, grit, and determination. It takes sacrifice. It takes TUCKING! Remember, while whilst Queens may not always find her Prince Charming, a happily ever after ending is always within reach.