Dear 2016: 

 What. The. F*ck! I have no words for you. I would say you really had it out for me but, no, you really had it out for us all. Totally blind-sighted the world with Brexit, U.S. elections, deaths of our beloved celebrities...and winner of Rupaul's Drag Race All-Stars. I mean, REALLY 2016?! When we first met, I thought you would be my dream year. The year I would have it all. The year I would have figured it all out. The year I would look to the future with optimism. LIES! ALL LIES! You stole and cheated me with a grin on your face. You left me alone on New Year's Eve feeling naked and downtrodden. No wonder I found comfort in food and drinks. You may have broken me, 2016, but you have not rid me of my existence. From my mistakes, I have grown from them. From my faults, learned. You will not blow out this candle! 

Forever your Ex,